Pet Alert Sign creator Brendan Corcoran attempting to break Guinness World Record for fastest mile in fire gear to raise awareness for Pet Fire Safety and Firefighter’s high risk of cancer.  To support FF’s battling cancer please donate through the link below, any amount helps. Thank You.



The Pet Alert Sign will help keep your pets safe in an emergency by clearly alerting rescuers to the presence of pets in your home. Developed by a career fire fighter in conjunction with Trident Design after being involved in multiple pet rescues and seeing a need for a more effective alert system.  You can support us and help protect your pets by signing up for our updates, following us on Facebook or Twitter, and sharing us with your friends. We are building up to a pre-order phase and possible crowd funding to take our completed prototype to market as quickly as possible so we can help Keep Your Pets Safe with Pet Alert Sign.

Why Pet Alert and not just a fire sticker



Day or night, even from a distance the Pet Alert Sign is visible, clear and informative to rescuers.  Keep Your Pets Safe.

Design, prototype consultation and media provided by Trident Design, a leading Innovation Agency.