Rude girl goes on blind date, orders most expensive dishes. Date replies with this.

He should have known the moment he saw that “Super Like.” For those of you that don’t know what a “Super Like is,” it’s an option you have on the dating site Tinder that allows you to let someone know that you like them more than rest.

So, basically, it’s reserved for lunatics and all those times when you “Super Like” someone by accident and feel like a total psychopath.

Apparently, Imgur user minilogo37 didn’t know this. That’s why he wasn’t suspicious when he got “Super Liked” and struck up a conversation with a girl he met on the site. Everything seemed completely normal at first, she even seemed “cool.”

But that quickly changed after he met her in person, which caused him to leave in the middle of the fancy dinner they were eating and stick her with the check. Apparently, she was only into the date for the free dinner which ended up not being free.

“Had to be a $250 check, easy,” he wrote on Imgur.

He explained the entire ordeal on Imgur and now the internet is praising him for his bad date revenge.
“I signed up for Tinder, just to see what would happen. A few hours later, I got ‘super liked,’ which is apparently better than ‘liked.’ We talked for a few days, she seemed super cool. I suggested a date, and she insisted on it being dinner. Cool. We met up tonight at a restaurant I’d picked out.”

That also should have been a red flag for him. Who goes out to dinner on an internet blind first date? Most people will suggest a coffee or a drink so that they can easily make an exit if things aren’t going well.

But this guy clearly was thinking positively and was a gentleman for going along with her request.

Once the date started he realized it was a BIG mistake.

“She didn’t look at me, wore sweatpants, and immediately ordered an $23 appetizer. Okay, not a dealbreaker. I tried starting a conversation a few times, but she only gave one word answers. Then, she orders a $45 steak and $22 crab legs. She drank 5 $19 glasses of wine. I got the steak, and a few drinks myself. Right about the time our main course(s) arrived, I’d pretty much given up. She talked more to the waiter.”

He decided that he would not be made a fool and gave the woman a taste of her own medicine.

“As we were finishing, I excused myself and went to the restroom. While I was in there, a light bulb went off. I left the bathroom, headed out the door, got in my car, and drove home. Now, here I am. She messaged me a few times, called me a ‘fucker’ about twelve times. Eh.”

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